Andriy – Chief Engineer (Ukraina)
Engine Bottom Plates – Propeller Shaft
The only thing I knew for sure when I was seventeen is that I didn’t want to go to the army. I grew up in the Soviet Union. The only way to avoid this was marine school so I applied there. I guess I have chosen engineering instead of officer because of the bicycles… as a child I was always around bicycles, working on them was fun. Now I am used to this life, the most difficult part is missing the family. I am the opposite of my wife, she can’t sleep when it is noisy and complains about our neighbours, I wake up when there’s silence, to me it means that something is wrong.
Baja – Able Seaman (Philippines)
Navigation Deck – Bridge Wing
Usually the contracts for filipinos are of nine months, but this time I have asked for six months only. Nine months is too long, I get bored and on this ship the gym is not very furnished. As a child I dreamed of becoming a seaman, and now I am here, living the dream… but my favourite part of all is always when I can fly back home to my family.
Arnold – Messman (Philippines)
Dry Provision Store
In my free time, but sometimes also in the washroom, I listen to music. It drifts me away from here and brings me to thoughts I like thinking of. Memories, known places. I listen to very melodic music, mostly love songs. Sometimes I sing along but I don’t have a good voice for singing.
Dan – Second Officer (Romania)
Navigation Deck – Chart Space
I miss my daughter and my wife. My daughter is now nineteen, she will soon leave… at least we hope so, for her, she is a smart kid! Difficult age! They both constantly send me messages about how the one cannot understand the other. They write to me and I am here, in the middle of the ocean.
Haichao – Cadet (China)
Navigation Deck - Wheel House
I will become an officer, but I don't want to spend my entire life doing only this. Maybe one 4 month contract per year, and the rest of the time I can travel to know the world. I think I will also open an ice cream shop in China, where I serve it in half melons... they do it in Thailand, it is beautiful and very delicious!
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